My latest sculpture EARTHWORM is carved from a 2 M log of Cyprus (Macrocarpia)and is a part of the educational program for kids at C.E.R.E.S. where I am Artist in Residence 2017.

CERES is the Centre for Education & Environmental Research , Northcote Victoria, Melbourne.


Earthworm 2m Cyprus log

Dates 2016 to 2017



Madonna semi-profile shot

Madonna and Child, alternative view


Three major religious carvings for a new chapel
in Liverpool NSW. Architect is George Wilkie
1. Deposition of Christ
2. Madonna and Child
3. St John and the Gospel


Christ Wombeyan Marble
Madonna Gosford Sandstone
St John Sandstone

Dates  October 2006 to August 2007
Photos Adrian Baljeu

Conrad with Deposition onsite

Deposition onsite


St John

St John Exterior Shot

St John Detail

St John exterior view
Hexagonal Light Vessel

stone sculpture
stone carving stone totem sculpturestone scupture design
Hexagonal Light Vessel

Back view "Spring" by Judith and Conrad


spring sculpture
IN MEMORIAM Judit Shead-Englet

Bronze feminine figure by
Judith Shead-Englert.
Stone carving base by Conrad Clark

Now installed at Bundeena Ferry Wharf,  
Sydney by Sutherland Shire Council 2008

Materials Bronze and Sandstone
Date  2007 - 2008
Photos Tim Cole
Enquiries  Contact Conrad
Spring by Judith and Conrada

Blast Furnace Park Proposal Maquette

Maquettes in landscape

Lithgow maquettes

Proposal for Lithgow City Council

Character design based on Abel Smith. early industrial history of Lithgow, 1909
Date 2006 - 2007
Material Maquettes - project designed to be fabricated in steel and set in and around the Park.
Thelonius Hinks - photomontages of historic site ruins. Conrad Clark - maquettes

Lithgow maquettes

Maquettes at historic site

Blast Furnace Park project maquettes"Abel Smith" 1909Lithgow Marquettes
Hexagonal Light Vessel

"Column of Breath" in library courtyard


Inspired by nature

Acquired by the Marybarong Library.
Now installed in the Footscray Library courtyard

These sculptures derive from a feeling of a column of breath or a PULSE, like the energy and upward flow of life in a plant.
I can visualise other versions as fantastic street lamps or monumental street designs.

Materials Laser cut steel, height 2 metres.
Date   2002 - 2009
Photos Conrad Clark
Enquiries  Contact Conrad on 0404 971 703

Courtyard 2 Columns

Inspired by nature
Hexagonal Light Vessel

Unfurling leaf

Unfurling Leaf - alternate view


Griffith Rotary Centennial Memorial

A civic project for the city of Griffith, NSW
Photos David Beaver
Enquiries  Contact Conrad

Unfurling Leaf Maquette
Drawings for "Unfurling Leaf" proposalLeaf proposal drawing

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